Mighty Niagara Half Marathon

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Mighty Niagara Half Marathon

Enjoy this Mighty Niagara Half Marathon Runner Video, shot from the viewpoint of one of our runners. The video is a great way for you to get a feel for the very fast, fun, and beautiful course.


Please note that the 2017 race course is slightly different, specifically the finish. Click here for updated race map.

Check out photos from past races.  Simply visit the website from the below links to find and order your photos.

2016 Mighty Niagara Half Marathon & Hospice Dash 5K photos

2015 Mighty Niagara Half Marathon & Hospice Dash 5K photos

2014 Mighty Niagara Half Marathon & Hospice Dash 5K photos


About the Race

“I’m always a little wary of trying out a new race that hasn’t been around too long, but the Mighty Niagara Half far exceeded my expectations.” “I know I’m just one person…, but I wanted you to know that I truly appreciated everything you did out there last week. I highly recommend this event to others out there…” —-2013 Mighty Niagara Half Marathon Winner Paul Nielsen

“This was the most beautiful, great race I have ever run! I came from AZ just to run this race, I rate it # 1 out of the 10 half marathon’s I have run. For sure will be on my list next year. Please don’t change the course…it was spectacular.”—Kathleen B.

“I will be back next year.” “…your volunteers were wonderful – and the bands/entertainment was better than the Rock-n-Roll I ran in Providence.” —-Kathryn A.

“The Mighty Niagara Half Marathon is a well-organized event with a beautiful and fast course where you will be taken care of from start to finish. Highly recommended.” —-Andrew C.

“I thoroughly enjoyed running the Mighty Niagara Half Marathon for the first time last year! It was a great course that was easy to run along with having a gorgeous scenic view of the Niagara river. I will definitely be running the race again this year!” —-Ashley G. from North Tonawanda

“I whole-heartedly believe it’s one of the best races I’ve ever run.” —-Kate O.

“I have been running races (10K, marathons, half marathons, etc.) for over 30 years.  My running of the Mighty Niagara half marathon was one of the most positive experiences of my running career.  Thank you for the beautiful scenery, the use of pacers, the friendly and supportive volunteers, and a very well-organized race.  I will be back next year.” —-Angus C.

“…I’m definitely signing up for another one!” —-Brittany C. from Buffalo, NY on completing her first half marathon

“Please accept my congratulations and thank you for a fine running event on Saturday and for all you do for Niagara Hospice.” —-Rev. John

About Volunteering

“I had a great time helping out at the Hospice Run. Everyone was so friendly and it felt good giving the runners that little extra boost with cheering and clapping. So many said thank you for volunteering. Next year I plan on doing it again and will get my family involved and hopefully more West St. people! It was very well organized…thanks for this opportunity.” —-Leslie M.

“My family enjoyed every moment volunteering in Youngstown!  We were so inspired by the runners and their continued enthusiasm half way through a 13.1 mile race!  We were there to support them and they in turn were thanking us!  What a great way to spend a Saturday morning! Thank you again for allowing us the opportunity to be part of your outstanding cause and event!” —-Cindy M. and family

Previous Half Marathon Photos